Making Your Accountant A Long-Term Business Adviser

When assembling your team of professionals who provide support and services to your business, every business owner has different needs and circumstances. Industrial specialties, knowledge of specific technical platforms, adeptness with certain company ...
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In Fairfax County, How Solar Energy Equipment Can Cut Your Business Taxes

More and more local small business owners are looking at adding solar energy equipment to their facilities, and with good reason. Solar allows them to cut their electricity costs by producing power on ...
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What Business Tax Deductions Can My Small Business Claim in Virginia?

At Lipsey and Associates, our phone rings daily with questions from small and midsized business owners asking whether specific expenses may qualify as a tax deduction - and for a good reason.  Claiming ...
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Do Teleworking and Remote Employees Trigger Income Tax Nexus

A few months ago, as an employer, you may not have given much thought to where your employees live. Perhaps your main concerns were over commute times and where to send their tax forms ...
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Does My Small Business Need Multiple Bank Accounts?

Do you really need that other bank account? I have read multiple articles by a variety of sources: HR Journals, Bankers, News Outlets, etc. explaining the need to be able to track specifically ...
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Small Business Paycheck Protection Program Loan Strategies: How To Maximize Returns

Congratulations! You’ve successfully navigated the complicated and at times contradictory PPP loan application from your bank. You are due your money any day now and the next stage of this funding is set ...
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