Small Business Paycheck Protection Program Loan Strategies: How To Maximize Returns

Congratulations! You’ve successfully navigated the complicated and at times contradictory PPP loan application from your bank. You are due your money any day now and the next stage of this funding is set ...
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The Impact of the CARES Act On Your Business

We’re monitoring the developments of the COVID-19 pandemic and are committed to keep you informed of the implications for you and your business with a dedicated focus on all aspects of the CARES ...
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Should You Reincorporate Your Practice as a C or Personal Service Corporation?

In the face of the 2018 tax reform, many small business owners in the professional services sector have an array of new business tax benefits. For most small business owners who operate under a pass-through ...
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The Differences Between VA, MD, and DC Taxation

Did you just get a great job offer or are thinking of relocating your practice to better serve your clients? If you're considering moving to or within the Washington DC area, you'll likely be ...
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Will the Loss of the Business Entertainment Deduction Affect Business Decisions?

One of the material changes made to the tax code resultant of the 2018 tax reform is that the business entertainment deduction has been suspended until 2026. It's not just large enterprises that are ...
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Changes to Make Now to Optimize Your 2018 Tax Return

With the 2017 tax season in full swing, thinking about what to do for 2018's taxes may seem too far away right now. But with the last-minute sweeping overhaul made to the tax ...
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